Yves Hanoulle

Yves Hanoulle (he/him) discovered extreme programming in 1999. Over the years, he realised that creating working software takes collaborating over writing code. Just like coaching is asking questions over sharing ideas.

Yves is an independent consultant, a Creative Collaboration Agent since 1998, working around the globe. Yves has been helping small and large companies as a FireStarter and an agile instigator.  

The agile community knows Yves from his many contributions including
– the public [agile conferences Google calendar](http://agileconferenc.es)
his Agile Thursday Quiz
the [coach retreats](http://coachretreat.org)

  • [daily coaching questions via @Retroflections](http://retroflection.org/)
  • the [Agile Games Google group](https://groups.google.com/g/agilegames)
  • Since 2004 he has been promoting PairCoaching, an idea which has been adopted by many agile trainers and coaches. 
  • Since December 2021 he started working on the youtube version of who is agile

Yves is constantly learning and passing on what he learns as a coach and trainer to organisations large and small. He gives [free lifetime support](https://www.hanoulle.be/2011/09/22/fls-free-lifetime-support/) on anything he does: every client, everything he writes and presents, every workshop he leads.

Yves believes in maintaining a sustainable pace both professionally and personally. He’s a big fan of WorkLifeFusion. He has done talks and workshops with his father, partner and his three kids. When Yves is working from home, he is working on [his walking desk](https://www.hanoulle.be/2013/02/16/im-working-from-a-walking-desk/). 

Yves has parentpair programmed [an android game with his 13 year old son](http://www.anguis.be) You can learn more about [Yves](http://www.hanoulle.be/yves-hanoulle/), and find him on social media as [@YvesHanoulle](https://twitter.com/yveshanoulle).