Milos Zekovic

Milos Zekovic is passionate about helping people develop, overcoming communication barriers and building better work environments. There is no bigger satisfaction for him than to see people succeed and become better at what they do or who they are. He combines cognitive-behavioral coaching, agility, system thinking and mindfulness to support individuals, teams and organizations. He is governed by values of freedom, holistic acceptance and exploration. Milos’s style is interactive, curious and playful with lots of examples from everyday life and his own experience.

His experience shows great versatility and diversity. Milos worked in multicultural environments (Namibian, US, Swiss, Irish, Serbian), different industries and organizational types (Silicon Valley insuranceTech startup, multinational banks, global and local humanitarian organizations, ICT, technology entrepreneurship hubs) and variety of teams (cross-functional, software development, HR, product and design, leadership, sales and support).

His ability to understand, collaborate and build connections stems from hand-on experience in many roles as a team member. He was a software engineer, UX specialist, QA, pre-sales engineer until he became a scrum master and coach.

Milos is the first Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach in the Balkan region. He is an active contributor to both the local and global agile community. He spoke at numerous events, wrote articles for Scrum Alliance, co-trained with global experts, helped in translation of books about agility, created and empowered local communities of practice.